Everything you need to know about the re-designed SAT

  • The Test:  The redesigned SAT will have 2 sections, (i) evidence-based reading and writing and (ii) math section.  Each section is scored 200 to 800 points and no penalty is given for wrong answers.
  • Essay: The optional  essay section now requires a written analysis of a given passage.  Students have 50 minutes for this section.
  • Math: The math section is now divided into two parts; (i) calculator and (ii) no calculator parts.
  • Writing: The sentence completion section will have commonly used words in academic settings and words that you will use in your career.  This section will be in the evidence-based reading and writing section.
  • Reading Passages: Reading passages will now contain graphs, charts, tables, etc.  The passage topics will include analysis of History/Social Studies and Science.   All questions are evidence-based and answers are in the passages.


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