•  AllieThank you so much Ragina for helping me prepare for math this year! I really enjoyed it, and I felt that I was able to review and learn a lot of new material in a short amount of time. I will definitely work with her again and highly recommend her!…. Allie Branson, Ross California. 2015
  •  Your teaching style has fit John so well. I cannot tell you how happy I am that he has help mastering a very difficult subject(s) and feeling successful about chemistry and physics. TeymorYou have been flexible when we have had to have schedule changes; are willing to take phone calls / questions and help your students without hesitation. As a working single parent I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your services. Cheers.
    Jan Voskuyl (Registered Nurse/Manager of Electrophysiology Services at Marin General Hospital)
  •  ParkerI home schooled my three children for a year, and hired Ragina to teach them math and science. I couldn’t have made a better choice. We spent approximately eight hours a week with her; and she was wonderful, both personally and professionally. My kids loved her and she really taught them. They finished off the year with standardized test scores that were through the roof! My eighth grader scored a 99% on his high school entrance exam, and was awarded an academic scholarship at the high school of his choice. Each child received an A in math and science at their schools the following year. Ragina is not only eminently qualified, she puts herself into everything she does. I recommend her services without reservation…. Jane Crowley Pardini, Home school.
  • Although she complained before she went in, upon returning, My daughter consistently remarked about the productivity of her sessions with Ragina and her rising confidence, while I, as the parent, made due note of the looks of satisfaction each time she conquered a previously mysterious topic, as well as the A’s she earned in regular chemistry and, again, in AP chemistry…… Julie Garfield, San Terra Linda high.
  • Over the past two years, Dr. Patel’s math enrichment lessons have given our 7th Grade daughter the confidence she lacked in her mathematical abilities while providing her with a solid foundation for tackling increasingly difficult math concepts at school. Dr. Patel is a wonderful teacher…… Rosemary, San Domenico.
  • I just wanted to thank you for the support you provided my daughter in preparation for the SAT and with her Physics class. In both cases you provided significant value-add which directly translated into her grades and test performance. Your ability to clearly communicate with her, the amount of preparation your did prior to your meetings with her and the completeness of your study materials for the SAT was outstanding. I have recommended you to a number of our friends. Thanks again for your help…… Quentin Owen, Drake High School.
  • My son started his senior year with neither SAT scores nor the GPA to be accepted at any Cal State University. With Ragina’s tutoring services, my son improved his SAT Verbal score by over 100 points, and improved one full grade in Advanced Algebra. These accomplishments lead to his acceptance in the State University of his choice! Thank you, Ragina!…… Gail Patton DaMert, Ph.D., Redwood High.
  •  Ragina Patel has tutored three out of our 4 children in chemistry and the SAT I (math) and SAT II (math and chemistry). SashaShe has a tremendous understanding of the material she teaches and she is patient, reliable and demanding in a way that requires the student to be responsible for his/her own work. Ragina prides herself on making an arduous effort to insure that each student has a grasp of the material. Our children look forward to her tutorials and always feel more confident in the subject matter when they leave Ragina’s tutelage. We also found her easy to work with and she accommodated us on many occasions when our children needed a last minute consultation….. Larry Levy, Redwood high.
  •  Ragina has the unique ability to teach to the individual student’s needs. Alex has gained new insights and practical facility in Mathematics, while working with her this last year…… Dawn Abels: White Hill Middle School.
  • My sixteen year old son has been tutored in Math by Ragina for the past year. When I asked him why he likes going to Ragina, as compared to other tutors, without hesitation he answered, “She is so smart. She looks at the problem and knows exactly what to do and how to explain it. In the past, tutors have had to sit and figure it out themselves before explaining it to me. She knows it as soon as she looks at it.”Sam” has struggled in math and Ragina has given him confidence and the explanations to enable him to be successful.
  • Ragina has been a tremendous help in our daughter’s learning and enjoyment of advanced math Jadeand honors chemistry.
    11. After using the services of one of the national test prep companies, we did not think our son was well-prepared to take the new SAT. The tutoring my son received from Tutoring Services helped him tremendously: On his first attempt, he earned very competitive scores on all three sections of the new SAT…… Donna Vazifdar: Redwood Hgh School.
  •  Ragina your tutoring was critical to my son’s success in doing well in AP chemistry This was an extremely challenging course at his high school and he had not taken any Chemistry courses before. You were able to clarify difficult concepts and go into greater detail so that he had a better understanding of the material. He did well thanks to you….. thank you for all your terrific help!!!! Mary Poland…… Mary Poland: Branson School: 2009
  • Dear Ragina, for a teenage boy to wake up on Sunday on his own to go and study Chemistry for one hour is quite a feat. And the remarkable thing is that he leaves the house with a smile and returns with a bigger smile! Thank you for all your help and expertise this year. To think that my son once upon a time thought of dropping Chemistry and is now fully engaged in it! I have no doubt that he will, in college, have the confidence to take more Chemistry courses. He was so excited to learn that you also tutor Physics for next year……. Joanne, Marin Academy parent: 2010
  •  Dear Dr. Singh, Before tutoring with you, I had no idea what to expect in Chemistry. Initially, I was put off by the subject. Many of my friends said that it is one of the most difficult sciences to learn for high schoolers. As an 8th grader, this frightened me even more. However, one session with you wiped away all of my qualms. You explain Chemistry in a clear, effective, and, most importantly, enjoyable way, and I can tell that you enjoy Chemistry just as much as any teenager would enjoy video games. Your excitement about Chemistry seems to have rubbed off on me! Now, I look forward to learning Chemistry, and I owe all of that to you. Thank you…… San Domenico student, 2011

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