ACT/SAT Reading Comprehension/Writing/Grammar Strategies

Reading Comprehension (Pause Video and try the sample problems on your own First)

ACT Science 1    ACT Science 1 Part A      ACT Science 1 Part B    ACT Science 2 Part A     Science 2 Part B    ACT Science 2 part C    ACT Science 2 Part D   ACT Science 3 Part A    Science 3 Part B    Active Reading Skills    ACT Passage strategy video   Logic and Style    Time Saving Strategy   Logical Thinking lesson 1    Logical Thinking Lesson 2

Passage based strategy-1  Passage based strategy-2   Passage based strategy-3   Passage based strategy-4   Passage based strategy-5   Passage based strategy-6    Passage based strategy-7   Passage based strategy-8   Passage based strategy-9   Passage based strategy-10

Grammar (Pause Video and try the sample problems on your own First)

Comparison Error-1   comparison Error-2  Comparison Error-3  Grammar Strategy -1 Grammar Strategy -2  Grammar Strategy – 3   Grammar Strategy -4   Subject Verb-1   Subject Verb -2   Parallel Error -1  Practice Questions-1  Use of Pronouns   Pronouns -2   Practice Questions -2   Practice Questions -3   Practice Questions -4   Practice Questions -5  Key concepts comparison error  Parallel Construction   Practice Pronoun   Pronoun Case-Concept   Subject-Verb Agreement    Test Your Subject-Verb Agreement Skills   Writing Assessment Part A   Writing Assessment Part B

Essay Writing

Developing Your Essay   Discussion of Student Essay   Discussion of Essay 2

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