ACT/SAT Math Skills and Strategies

Algebra 1

Order of Operations    Order of Operations 2   Math Symbol A   Math Symbol B   Math Symbol C   Exponent A   Exponent B   Exponent C   Rates A   Rates B   Rates C   Rates D   ACT/SAT Practice 1   ACT/SAT Practice 2   ACT/SAT Practice 3   ACT/SAT Practice 4   ACT/SAT Practice 4 part A   ACT/SAT Practice 4 part B   ACT/SAT Practice 5   ACT/SAT Practice 6   ACT/SAT Practice 7   Percent Part A   Percent Part B   Percent Part C   Percent Part D   Quadratic factoring

Algebra II/SAT

Variation problems  Using radicals   Triangle Inequality   Special Triangles   Test Your percent Skills   Solid Geometry   Similar Triangles   Ratios    Triangle problems   Negative Numbers  Angles and Triangles   Composite Functions 1   Composite Functions 2  Composite Functions 3    Composite Functions 4   Function Operation    Funny Symbol Problems 1   Funny Symbol Problem 2   Funny Symbol Problem 3    Funny Symbol Problem 4   Lines and Angles Lesson 1   Lines and Angles Lesson 2    Lines and Angles Lesson 3   Lines and Angles Part A   Lines and Angles Part B   Lines and Angles Part C   Logic Problem

Algebra II (honors)/SAT IIc

Sharpen your Algebra Skills   Combinations and Permutations  Functions  Domain and Range   Hyperbola   Linear Equations   Parabola Circles and Ellipses   Probability   Trig Identities   Vectors  Sample Questions Set 1   Sample Questions Set 2   Sample Questions Set 3   Sample Questions Set 4   Sample Questions Set 5   Sample Questions Set 6   Sample Questions Set 7   Sample Questions Set 8   Sample Questions Set 9

Algebra II  Review Topics

Solving Quadratic Inequality   Quadratic graphing     Interest Rate Problems      Logarithmic Rules Introduction    Logarithmic Rules Graph Transformation Review   Graph Transformations   Analytical Parabolas   Interest Rate Problems   Graph Transformation Review    Variation Problems   Using Radicals  Triangles & Inequality   Piecewise Function Lesson 1   Piecewise Function Lesson 2

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