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In today's competitive college admissions process, high SAT scores and a good GPA equal the difference between acceptance and rejection for students. With my experience and proven record, I can help you achieve your

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Dr. Singh taught pre-medical Chemistry, nursing Chemistry, and Algebra at Dominican University, San Rafael California before starting her own business. She has been teaching and tutoring since 1979. As an educator, Dr. Singh has dedicated herself and her company to making her understanding of the natural world accessible to young people, regardless of their previous experience. She is highly acclaimed for her innovative techniques designed to make even intricate and complex topics fun for teens and pre-teens and has an innate understanding of what colleges need from their applicants, and recognizes the value of an early start. Her methods are unique and effective. 

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University of Waikato (New Zealand, 1979) : Bachelor of Science
University of Waikato (New Zealand, 1980): Master of Science (Honors)
University of Auckland (New Zealand, 1985): PhD (Chemistry)

Educators in Private Practice
College Board AP Central
International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers
Society for Women Engineers

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While high schools will teach the prescribed coursework material, and think critically about the material.

My Services

SAT/ACT Preparation:

Using Dr. Singh’s unique 5 step thinking process, make test taking easy. Test questions are not designed to trick students, but are there to see if students have learned to think out of the box.

SAT Subject Test Preparation:

Improve your chances of getting accepted in colleges, by taking STEM (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Math) subject tests. By taking SAT subject tests you are showing colleges that you are proficient in the subject, and your grade “A” from school reflects your true knowledge.  

AP Exam Preparation:

AP test preparation is available in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.  Although most colleges will not give AP credits in STEM subjects, by taking AP you will be well prepared to pass placement tests, and get a jump start in college.  Take AP classes in STEM and show the colleges that you are ready for college-level work.

Tutoring & Study Skills:

Improve and maintain your GPA with private lessons available in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geometry, Algebra, and Pre-Calculus. Study skills techniques also available in History and Literature.

College Applications & Consultation:

Live online or in-person chat to help you narrow down college choices, financial aid and scholarship applications, appeal letters, and academic counseling. College applications need not be daunting.  Essay Writing: Make your essays powerful, compelling, and a joy to read.  Your academic planning starts two years before the college application process. An in-person discussion beginning in 9th grade will help carve the right path to your final destination, “The college of your choice.” 

Advanced and Independent Studies:

Get ahead and stay ahead. One-on-one assistance in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math, Literature, US History, and World History. Are you an eighth grader and want to do more basic science? Special Chemistry, Biology, and Physics programs are available for you.

My Philosphy

My philosophy is that we should not strive to simply pass exams but to create a passion for learning. I like to empower my students with a thorough understanding of natural processes and incite a passion for learning.

I am a specialist in technical writing, math, science, and study skills. I can show you how to stay on top of your task while maintaining your extracurricular activities. I teach students to think critically. To this end, I have created a revolving curriculum incorporating math, science, and writing. This cutting edge approach to teaching high-end math and science prepares students above and beyond what colleges require. Contact me to discuss the steps that you need to take so that you are prepared for the colleges of your choice.

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